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Hi, Credere Law is a boutique law firm that primarily focuses on family law matters that include divorce, child custody, child support, mediation, premarital agreements, alimony and more. We place a premium on acting with integrity, demonstrating our understanding of your particular situation and the law that governs it. Our team of Divorce lawyers serving San Francisco, CA provide legal services for these matters.

To learn more about how we strive to stand apart from other firms, schedule a free consultation with an experienced low cost divorce attorney serving San Francisco, CA today. Whether you’re considering legal separation, require mediation for a component of your divorce proceedings, or simply need assistance from a family lawyer, our experienced team is your reliable partner.  At our San Francisco, CA law firm, you deserve an attorney recognized by the state of California for their skill in the field, and someone who understands the complexities of family law, divorce, custody, and domestic partner dissolution. We want you to be confident in the divorce lawyer serving San Francisco, CA that you entrust to handle your family law case and feel confident that we can exceed your expectations.

There is only one surefire way to guarantee the best possible result for your family law case. The faster you take action and the more prepared you are, the better off you’ll be. That’s why we have made the next step very simple.

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My attorney was honest, intelligent, and made me confident in his abilities. After hiring him at a very reasonable price, he got started right away keeping me posted at every step. He did everything for me, went to multiple hearings and I didn’t have to lift a finger. My day in court I got a slap on the wrist with charges dropped. He knows the law and fights for you like your family.
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We had a legal issue that we presented and they were very helpful, tenacious and thorough in assisting us in getting this issue resolved. We would highly recommend them for any legal matters that you may require representation with. The firm was very professional and reasonable with their pricing structure.
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The entire staff at the law firm was very helpful, very patient, and incredibly detailed with their information. We were always treated with respect and given as much detail as we asked for during the process. Thank you so much! Would highly recommend!
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Credere Law took great care of me. He paid excellent attention to all of the details. It was my first time for my Family Law case and I was kind of embarrassed, but he made me feel right at home. He even helped me with questions after my discharge. Highly recommended!


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