How Do I File For Full Child Custody In California?

What are the grounds for full custody of a child? You might be surprised to learn that the courts determine custody on a case-by-case basis, and even the smallest factors play a role.  Divorce Attorney San Francisco CA can help you get full custody of your child. Grounds for Full Custody of a Child: What […]

Changing Your Mind After Filing For Divorce In California

Reconciliation prior to the finalization of a divorce is a dream come true for many couples. Calling off a divorce can save a lot of stress, money, and emotional hardship on the whole family. Perhaps you and your spouse want to opt out of divorce in lieu of a less permanent arrangement, such as legal […]

Can Children Choose Which Parent To Live With In California?

There’s no denying that divorce is hard on every family member, but it can be especially difficult for any children involved. Child custody and visitation agreements can feel stressed or awkward, especially when the child doesn’t feel like they have a say in these new arrangements. In California, family courts consider many factors when deciding […]